A Two Bedroom House at Grand Wisata, Bekasi

Every now and then, I will post a 3-D model of building/object to give you examples and/or ideas what you can do with SketchUp. Although some detail might be omitted to save bandwidth, all shapes and dimension are maintained as realistic as possible.

This is a model of a 75 square meter house on 162 square meter land  in one of the clusters at Celebration Town District, Grand Wisata Housing Project, one of the biggest housing projects Eastern of Jakarta.
The model is created based on a promotional flyer  provided by the Developer. Apart from the floor plan, all shape and dimensions are all estimates based pictures provided in the flyer.

This two bedroom house has a separate access to its service area that includes a small bathroom, a bedroom and a kitchen. 

 A 2 Bedroom House at Grand Wisata, Bekasi, Indonesia

Download the model from Google 3d Warehouse : Rumah Grand Wisata