Bathroom Components

There are hundreds of bathroom related components ready to download from the 3d warehouse. Some are of high quality and some are not. Nevertheless, I still need to create some bathroom components for my house modeling projects.

The main reason is that I need to model with objects that are as close as possible in size and shape with the real sanitary ware / plumbing hardware I am going to use during the house construction. So, I will be able to study room ergonomics more accurately. This is not always fulfilled by the warehouse. By creating the components, I can also control the file size since I need to compromise between shapes and file sizes.

Notice that there are no small appliances, such as faucet added the bathroom, since such detail may only be required when we need to design a detailed bathroom interior.

All components that I refer here are available in the Google 3D Warehouse

Project One Bathroom


The bathroom is very small so can only be filled with two components: a set of shower corner and a toilet.

The shower set consists of one shower head and a mixer. To keep water from splashing everywhere, a plastic shower curtain is installed covering the entire corner. The floor corner will be recessed so the rest of the floor will be relatively dry.
The lower part of all the wall will be covered with ceramic tiles, also to keep the bathroom dry.

Bathroom Toilet

SquatMost of the toilets in the Google 3D Warehouse have rather large dimensions, and the model is not always available in my country. So I made myself a toilet component based on a toilet made by Toto, a 6/3L Dual Flush CW821J types as shown in the photo. I like this model because it only has a footprint of 71x40 cm. Suitable for a small bathroom.

Size wise, this toilet component is very close to the real toilet because it is made based on an existing CAD files available on their website. However, some of the curves are omitted to make its file size reasonably small.

Click at the toilet image to open the respective component's page in the 3d warehouse. Save the component to sub folder \Components for easy access.

Shower Corner

SquatAs the name implies, this component is used for a corner bathroom shower with a plastic curtain to contain water splash. The shower set included in this component is created by Google. I just added a shower rail and a plastic curtain. This 80x80 cm shower box is 200 cm tall.

You may need to rotate and/or to flip this component so it will fit into any bathroom corner you choose.

Click at the toilet image to open the respective component's page in the 3d warehouse. Save the component to sub folder \Components for easy access.

An alternative for the Shower Set

Bak mandiThis is a of more realistic shower set in term of shape and size. I made this component based on a 3D model downloaded from the Grohe site. I import the 3d model into SketchUp and reduce its polygons so that its file size is not too large.

The shower set consists of a Tempesta shower head and shower bar and a Concetto single-lever shower mixer. This component is based on a 3d model available from Grohe official website, so the size and shape are close to the original. I suggest that this component is only used when the house modeling is finished so as not to burden the processor.

Click at the toilet image to open the respective component's page in the 3d warehouse. Save the component to sub folder \Components for easy access.

Downloading the Components


We can download each component directly to our model from the Google 3d warehouse using the Components Browser as if they were in your local folders. Since there are thousands of components already in the warehouse. We need to enter a few unique keywords to filter our search.

Open menu -> Window -> Components. Enter the keyword "freebies harrynov bathroom in the search field and click Search, it will display the model / component that I have posted in the warehouse with bathroom tag. Select any component just like you normally do when adding a component from your local folder. The component will be downloaded when it is placed in the model.

Tip & Trick
Saving components downloaded suing the Window components to your local folder
Components added directly to your model using the window components are stored only in your model. To save them to your local folder we must go back to the Components Window and click the In Model InModel button to display all components stored in the model. Right Click at the component you want to save to activate a context menu and choose 'save as' to save it to your local folder.

To avoid having to always download the same component over and over again from the 3d warehouse, you should later save each of these Quickies to a local folder. Save all the components to sub folder \Components for later use.