The Projects

Copyright Notice
The scenario and designs discussed in the projects are based on a Question and Answer that appears in Consultation Section of Indonesia's Tabloid Rumah Edition: 148/VI, November 2008. This reference is based on a high appreciation to the architect that can provide with excellent solution in regard with restriction of available land.

In this tutorial, we will try to learn to use SketchUp to step-by-step "build" a new house and later “renovate” the house. In order to do so, we will separate the modeling into two projects:

  1. Project I : Building a two bedroom house.
    Tip & Trick

    For layouting and editing purposes, it is assumed that the house is facing South.

    It is assumed that we are going to build the new house from square one:

    1. Adding walls and floors.
    2. Installing doors and windows.
    3. Adding roof and ceiling.
    4. Adding details and other ornaments.
    5. Doing finishing work such as adding floor tiles, painting and a little landscaping.
  2. Project II : House Remodeling

    The remodeling job will include:

    1. Adding another floor
    2. Adding more room and renovate existing bedrooms.
    3. Remodel the roofing.
    4. Create a better fa├žade.

Project I : A Little house in .........


The initial model is a type 36 house on  7×13m land with following details:

  1. Two bedrooms.
  2. A multipurpose room that includes living room, family room, dining room and a kitchen.
  3. One bathroom.
  4. Front and rear terraces.

Specifications and other details, such as the height of the walls and floors, will be explained thoroughly when we model the corresponding objects.

Detailed floor plan of the building can be viewed by clicking the floor image.

Project II : A Nice Compact House

The remodeling / rooms addition are as follows:

  1. Another service door
  2. Living Room
  3. One bedroom
  4. One master bathroom
  5. A Storage room
  6. Kitchen Area
  7. A small garden
  8. Laundry room/area
  9. A staircase

Solution given in the magazine is reflected in the following floor images.


Apart from the dimensions given above, all shapes and dimension used in the model are based solely on my humble interpretation to the illustrations provided in the tabloid.

Here is a 360° visual image of  3D model home after renovation.

 360° view of the 3D model of the final Stage 

I believe the design solution not only has been able to meet the expectation of the requester but it also still allows some more rooms addition on the second floor

Futher modification and development

When the final 3-dimension model is completed, you can analyze the position of the staircase since some of the stair treads and landing are protruding into the front room. You can study how it effects people sitting in the room and what furniture to use in the area to compensate such stair shape.

You could also consider removing the wall between the front room with the living room and replacing it with some type of a divider to maintain privacy. You can also experiment by replacing the u-shape stair with a spiral stair and place it somewhere in the back.

Using SketchUp, everything can be done easily and analyzed thoroughly without having to place a single brick.